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hi everyone,

ive been shot by a laser gun on the motorway by policemen hidden as rats idown the overpass. :cacker:

bottom line is they charged me for speeding (75MPH). :eek: after little and inconclusive talking ive actually discovered the gun had its last calibration in april 2003, :o and im wondering whether it my be out of date, that could support my possible appeal against the ticket.

anyone does know/can help? :help:

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I think although not sure if just for radar guns they have to be calibrated each use because must be checked that working correctly in area of use as parked cars and other moving cars can effect, intereference etc. Also must be pointed at vehicle traveling at known speed to check correct.

Case that always comes up in speecing offences is Kent v Stamps (1982) so might be worth having a look at.

I can't be sure this is still relevant or uptodate but hope it helps.

Also check out the speeding websites www.speed-trap.co.uk and there is aother good one which is very yellow but can't remember the address.


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I belive as you say the gun does need to be calibrated before it's used... and at the end of the day.

Also if Mr Bobby was indeed "hiding" then that's Entrapment...and that's not allowed either....unless there's warning signs around then they can get away with it..claming there was ample notice. Hence the multitude of speed camera signs cropping up everywhere, even though you never ever see a speed camera....just there so they can hide in the bushes one day with their hair dryers.

Oh..you say they clocked you at 75 mph on a motorway?? I guess that the speed limit at the time was the national speed limit - 70? or where there restrictions.

If it was 70...and you were doing 75...then that's inside the "margin of error" for speedo's

as they are far from accurate. It's usually 10% so 77 is fine.


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The 'very yellow' web site mentioned above is probably http://www.ukspeedtraps.co.uk/frames.htm loads of good info on there including how often guns need to be calibrated (if i remember right), but alas its a bit of a nightmare to find the info u want in a hurry!!

I bought myself an Origin b2 http://www.originb2.com/ a couple months ago and find it gives me that extra peace of mind for spotting speed traps (laser/ radar/ camera). Not that I speed a lot, but I do spend a long time on the road and I really could do without points and a fine. It also shows up how inaccurate the car's speedo is ... although considerably better than my previous car. I suspect if the cops got ya going 75mph, your speedo was reading closer to 80mph.

Well, keep us posted! Never easy taking on the fuzz!


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