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Help Sourcing A Fuel Pump

Billy C

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Hi guys

Need a hand finding a fuel pump, New or old for the 2.8i celica supra.

Could also be helpful if anyone knows if other pumps fit these cars.

Also the std tyres for these atm is 225 60 14, where can i find these?

Websites and phone n.o welcome.



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Just been looking on the sites i use for the mkiii but out of luck with the fuel pump. Toyota only by the looks of it.

As for tyres, your local tyre/exhaust fitters will have them. They're not an odd ball size. HTH

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apparently walbro makes one. Do a good search for:

fuel pump supra walbro

You should get some hits on that. If you wanna stay stock go to the celicasupra.com forums and post in the wanted section. Someone will probably have a stock pump lying around from an upgrade they've done. No idea about the tires, though.

-Mr. Lizard

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Take a look at my site ;)


In the links pages, you will find info you need.

The 225/60/14's are like rocking horse doo dah to find. Toyo's are available for about £94 ea. Proper Avon CR28's where available are at least £120 :eek:

TCB Performance have pumps for £60 inc P&P I think.


Toyota Enthusiast Club Secretary

MK2 Supra (MA61) Register Holder

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