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Road Tax Question...


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Insurance policy

Vaild MOT certificate

don't forget...Loads of money :(

Damn, why is road tax so much these days? Did you know that the majority of it doesn't even go on the roads?

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Got an interesting point on this.

I have a 1.8 Avensis as does my Dad - mine is 2001 and his is a year newer. They are exactly the same except his is automatic.

He pays more road tax than me ! His auto just pushes the emissions into the next bracket for payment.

I'm not sure when the emissions level is used to determine tax payable - I think with older cars it's just purely on engine size (?)

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In my experience the letter has come later in the month (last 2 weeks or the month), so give it at least another week before worrying. Last time I paid for tax I never got a letter and went to the post office with all my 'bits'.

This is my theory: I reckon that you only get a letter if you taxed the car last time it was paid, as every time I have bought a new car I have never received a letter the first time my tax was due, but I have every time after that.

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