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Border Front Bumper

John R

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So, I'm one step closer to buying my two.... I've had enough time to research :)

I sold my car on wednesday, so I have a fair bit of cash... we'll see how much I have left after Christmas.

So, I've decided not to get the Veilside kit, i'll probably break it... and it's a copy so it might not be a good fit: Therefore I've decided to get the border front bumper:


Without the carbon fins;


I think it still keeps the shape of the 'two' but makes it look more modern / fatter.

What do you lot reckon, and does anybosy know about the quality of Border stuff?


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I was on the brink of buying the border front bumper a few months ago but decided against it as id be too scared to damage a £500+ fibreglass front bumper cos I lowered the car plus UK roads are in such a crap state.

BUT if you do get it John R would be a good idea to see if russel can replicate it. That way if your ever unfortunate enough to damage it you wont have to spend big bucks bringing another one in or getting an imperfect repair done to it. His replicas are better quality than the originals.

......plus then I can buy the replica for cheaper heheh :bye:

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Good idea. Is the Border nose extra low or something? or is it just the same as any other bumper. It does look veyr close to the ground on the pics, but that car's lowered a lot.

I'm getting wheels very similar to those too, but in silver...

Should be good, I'm almost at the point of buying one now, just got to wait till we move house... then there'll be a bit more dosh for insurance.

Oh an price difference:



So not much really!.... I can get the border cheaper than that though, about £80 cheaper.

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£575..prices havent changed much since I last enquired. Your right tho John R the car in the picture is actually sittin on coilover units and its extra low but on an average mr2 its clearance is no different from the front lip off a stock rev3+ so its fine unless your car is mega low your not gonna get any problems.

I know this because Ive seen one before on a white car when I went to the Crail Thrash looks V nice. Best front end in my opinion for all tastes. I think the one of the best Border Racing products is the carbon fibre sidevent scoops. Subtle and sweet.

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I like it mate....

I'm freaking a bit as they have put in a giant spee bump at the start of my road. Come next year it'll be dodgy. The car is lowered already, then I'll have the Bomex nose with pheonix power front splitters !! I think I'll have to reverse over it or something... lol. There's no other way to get to my house... I might have to crawl over it at 5mph. :blink:

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Speed bumps are the worst idea.... ever.

People accelerate up to them, brake hard... go over them... then slam their foot down again!

And as for stopping joy-riders: Do you think a 14 yeard old kid is going to care about damaging the fiesta he's just nicked whilst being chased by a Volvo T5 police car with profiled trypes and which ride quite low to the ground: which also has to slow down for the worst invention ever.

Anywya, It looks like I'll be getting the border front bumper, sideskirts from Russ and some rear bomex splitters. Then I'll sort out a spoiler at a later date...

Just got to decide what colour to get it resprayed now... I'm thinking Peugeot 307 Blue... If you know what I mean.

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There's a site in the US: speedstash.com who are selling the Border front bumper for $299.

I enquired about shipping and import tax. He said not to worry about the tax because it's not for commercial use i.e. I'm not going to sell it when I get it.

And he's sorting out shipment cost to my house as we speak.


I know, I've replied three time in a row. But it's good news :thumbsup:

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