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Fast Idle >2300


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Most celica's rev at approx 1800 in the cold, my gt4 revs about 1600 which is quite low for a celica.

2200 doesnt seem too high really. The ECU Decides what this is so you could try resetting the ECU.

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Open the bonnet, on the right side of the engine bay next to your Battery there is a black fuse box.

Take off the lid and on the underside of the lid there is a picture saying what each fuse does.

People always say remove the ECU fuse but i've found sometimes the EFI fuse is the right one so i just remove both if i want to reset the ECU.

Need to remove the fuses for 15secs. I usually give them 30secs just to make sure :D

When you first start the car it may act weird like even higher revs or may cut out or have problems turning over.

But if you keep it on its feet after a while the ecu will stabilise.

I usually drive around for a while after resetting it to get it to adjust correctly.

You cant do any harm to your engine doing this as long as you put the fuses back in the right place :lol:

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