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Installing An Amp


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I have a 2003 Corolla S (American, if that makes a difference). I want to install an amp for my sub, but im not sure how to go about taking apart the dash. are there any instructions online? also, does anyone know offhand what i need to install the amp to my radio, do i need the the RCA adapter, or does it already have the inputs? please help, thanks!!!

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Yep it's the same...just that your's is the oppsite way round... :D

Looks like what we have here called the T3 version... :thumbsup:


About half way down, is how i removed the dashboard apart.

You will also need a facial adaptor, harness, and a few tools as well.... read the link to find out.

The install was for my car in the UK, there are some references where shops and items are UK items, but sure you can find them as well, just have a think about it, and try and find your local In-Car shop / Dealer.

To lay the cabling, the rest of the car, comes apart quite easily, just think about it, and it will come off.

If you need any more help, let me know.



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