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Speed Camera Hell


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On the M6 just below junction 35, they have just installed 3 (yes three) speed cameras within a 2 (yes two) mile stretch of the motorway on the southbound and the same on the northbound.

Is this just my opinion,or could this be the most speed cameras on such a small stretch of road?

Anybody else noticed this sort of setup, as it in theory means you could loose your license within 2 miles!!!! :ffs:

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wasn't there a guy who got like 18 points in a week - went to court and said something along the lines off "if I'd have been stopped by the POLICE for speeding on the first offence - I'd not have sped again and would not have racked up the other points" .. I think he actually got to keep his licence ..

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There's a stretch of road in Wakefield in West Yorkshire (around Thorne's Park, on the way to the M1) with a similar set-up. Just as you're through one set you hit the next! I can see the logic: most driver slam on at the first camera, then thinking they are safe will speed up again, seeing as most will be looking in thier mirrors to see if they have been flashed, they won't see the 2nd (or 3rd) camera.

Of course the easiest way to avoid cameras (and the agrivation) is to simply not speed on roads you don't know. I don't mind speed camera's personally (I DO THINK THEY ARE A MONEY MAKING SCHEME HOWEVER).

Unfortunately this is a problem which drivers can't seem to understand. If people speed dangerously cameras will inevitably go up. Don't blame the Police/Council/Govt.! Blame the drivers who use excessive speed everywhere! These are the reason these camera's go up in the 1st place.

As they say: it's a few prats who are ruining it for everyone else!

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Something to be aware of....and it's going to become much more common.

This will stop the prats who hit the breaks ...causing the people behind to break...and thus causing the jams we see everyday. Slow traffic is not due to the amount of vehicles...but on how people drive. I see daily idiots who drive all the way around a roundabout....just so they don't have to wait in a short queue....queues like this are formed..and grow..because of ignorant idiots like this...stops people getting onto the roundabout...thus causing snarl ups ... and that's ust one example..

So Beware.............

The new electronic signs on the M6 were switched on yesterday. The bad news is that they are rigged with the SPECS speed cameras. This probably applies to all the new signs being installed on the M62, M60 and M56. SPECS is a computer-camera based system.

As you go past the sign, a digital camera reads your number plate. When you go past the next sign your number plate is read again. The computer 'knows' how far apart the signs are, so it can work out your average speed between the two, or three or four.

The system is fully automatic and will issue a 'ticket' without any form of human intervention. It does this for every single vehicle that passes. You will not know you have been caught as the cameras don't flash. They work 24/7, 52 weeks a year and theoretically, there's absolutely no limit on the number of 'tickets' that the system can issue.

The whole section of the M6 between Knutsford and Preston is wired both ways. T

he system is set to trigger a ticket at 78 mph. (Don't take this as a guarantee). Radar detectors will be of no use as SPECS is entirely passive, there is no laser beam to detect.

Be advised and spread the news

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Dont get me wrong I dont condone speeding 'stupidly fast', I drive approx 25-30K miles a year and have done for the past 3 years, my license in clean, totally, and always has been

But I dont agree with cameras, for example there is a stretch on the M1, around junction 15 I think near northampton? I used to travel that very regularly, and nearly every week i would witness a near pile up in rush hour, as people slamed on the anchors as they saw the camera-Now that is irresponsible driving!

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...the police up here have discovered a new toy, they are in vans, on the road...

I've just been behind one of these camera vans, on the way home from work, and guess what?....


over 30mph in a 30 zone (I'd guess it was close to 40mph, and Tailgaiting the Landrover in front of it!). I don't usually speed in 30 zones, especially outside a school like this van was doing! :eek:

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If everyone stuck to the speedlimit for just one week, the police would sh*t themselves because of the lost revenue.

I also read somewhere that to run a camera it cost £100.000

enough for three cops. apperently their admin cost are sky high - or is this money going somewhere else.

here is how they do it in Holland.


there is a button at the top of the page for english

just my £.02


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SPECS cameras were used on the roadworks outside of Folkestone recently, I would say at least with specs you have a second chance, yeah we all have been caught out going through cameras too fast, I personally was caught out on the road into Reading, wasn't flashed but still had that sick feeling that it might have been one of those IR jobs, with the SPECS system, at least if you go in too hard you can slow down lots and try and get under the average.

The trouble with bridge mounted cameras is it does make them somewhat immune to the Soweto necklace visit ;) <_<

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both my parents hav never had any points until now my mum got 3 for doing 69 on the motorway through roadworks was a 50 zone but she wa keeping in the flow of traffic that had been narrowed down into one lane, andd the same to my dad 58 in a 50 zone because of roadworks on an a road, my mum hasnt had an accident in 20 years and neither made a claim but regardless her insurance wil go up because of this, my dad who drives a van everyday(toyota hiace d4d turbo) has had a few non fault accidents forklifts etc. but no claims made, i believe at this rate both my parents wil get banned they both speed not ecessively normally just A roads and motorways and drive very slow in resisdential, towns and approaching junctions,

thisis a joke and there will be no congestion in 20 years because evry one wil be banned

'rant over'

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there was a thing on the radio the other day which said that the speed camara's are there for safety not to catch ppl. and if u think that a camara is not making any differance to road safety then to take a pic. of it and send it to the minister of transport along with details of where it is and they will review it

So here is your chance ppl

(i still up for the old tyre and gallon of petrol method though!!! :ph34r:

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