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1997 Toyot Camry Check Engine Light


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This is a similar question to the one below, but not quite. My friend drives a 1997 camry 2.2l. She was told her bank 1 o2 sensor was out. So i put a new one in. Well this was noticed because of the check engine light was on. Well i was just wondering if anyone knew of the trouble codes for the 97 camry. Also, how do you check them. I know my supra, but i dont know the camry very well. Usually you just jump a wire in the engine bay and it will flash codes on the clock. I have had issues with toyota inaccurately troubleshooting my car, so i dont trust them. If anyone knows, i would greatly apprechiate any help. She has noticed her gas milage going back up, it seemed that she was getting about 80 miles less then she used to over each tank of gas. she usually gets about 400 miles to a tank, which is about 28 miles per gallon. Well thank you.

Also, i have already fixed the o2 sensor, but the light came back on about 15 minutes after i reset the computer.


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