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Slight Problem After Changing Bulbs In Headlights


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Hi, I changed the bulbs in my front headlights, and they work perfectly (eg. dipped, full beam etc). But I cant control the headlight beam level, u know the wee rotational button beside the handbrake in the 98 Corolla, and when u increase the number the lower the headlight beam level...

But when i change the number, nothing happens to the headlights....please help! :o

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The bulb fitting isnt fouling on the reflection screen/silvery bit. that the lights poke through is it?

I dont think it is, the new bulbs are H4 just like the standard ones, and they fitted perfectly, I have 2 corollas, and I am going to change the bulbs in my other Corolla today and going to see if the beam level control doesnt work in it...

But i just checked the manual, and they say to go to the toyota dealer to get the aiming adjustment done....

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You might have blown a fuse for the Headlight level control when you changed the bulbs.

Did the Level control work before you changed the bulbs ??

I was thinking the same mick, but u see i am not sure if they did work before!, they did work several weeks before, but its not often u use the beam level control!

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