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Are You Sitting Comfortably?


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It seems rather common to feel having long legs and short arms but it should not be true!

They probably design the small cars so that the compromise of the driver's comfort allows for reasonable space for the back passengers.

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i had the same problem in my car and heres what i did.

1. went to home depot and bought quikcrete

2. mixed quikcrete into car with myself insde it

3.waited till hardened

now my seat is more firm but i cant seem to get out of my car

it seems like with every solution theres another problem

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Thanks for the replies. I found that heightening the seat has helped, and I am gradually getting more used to the position. I suppose it is always like that when you change from one vehicle to another.

I am certainly enjoying driving the car!

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My only complaint is that the seat does not slide like the pasenger one. i have found though that after driving with the seat as high as possable as i did not like not being able to see my corners, ive recently put it to its lowest and its changed the way i drive the seat feels deeper and the feel of the car is crisper.

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