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Sienna's Cruise Control


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I have a 2000 Sienna XLE, is this normal for this model. When in Cruise on a moderate grade at highway speeds 65+, the van will loose about 10 miles per hour before it will downshift, at that time it will turn into what our family calls (Rocket Van). It will accelerate back to the cruise setting a hurry and then to be safe it will add 10 more MPH to the speed to before setting down and starting the process again.

Is the Cruise was set a 70 before the grade, it will drop near 60 then rocket upto 80 before slowing down again.

When I say moderate grade, not mountain grades or anything big. I live in Colorado and in the Mountains the van is better behaved. It's these grades that are pretty Minimal but require the van to downshift. When I asked Toyota they said this is Normal for this model, however I have noticed that they say that alot. When our power side door started to fail I was told that if it worked 90% of the time that was normal for Electrical items (Grin). After a conversation with a higher up at the dealer they fixed our door.

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