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Upon making a decision, that the Previa was our choce of MPV, I have found strange spread amongst the used prices of these vehicles. It will be our first MPV, so having no experience, i looked and looked to find it was the existence of an aircon that made a huge difference in price.

Our target vehicle is the best 2.4 petrol, £4 grand would buy. I am hoping to convert it to LPG.

I have found that without an aircon, even a 1996 could be had. Add aircon and you are down to 1993 for the above price.

Is it that badly ventillated without? We live in Leeds with the annual trip to places sunnier on the mainland.

How much would an aftermarket aircon cost? Could these even be fitted? Could they be ripped from one

at the wreckers?

I am a mechanic myself, but not been in the trade for many years now.

Any comment would be much appreciated. Cheers: Bolly

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Hi Bolly,

I bought a "L" reg previa Gx with the air con, cruise and 7 seat version. For £3800.

I knocked the garage down from £4500 because the air con did not work. This is a common fault on previas if the air con is not used very much, all that happens is the gas pressure gets low due to small leaks at pipe joints and unions, and then the safety cuts in stopping the pump from working.

You can get a re-gas and test for about £50, (bit more in summer)

It does get very hot in a previa in the summer with all that glass, and my air-con was a god send when we when to france.

Hope this helps, good luck. Rob

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i have a 95 UK spec previa (without the AC) if you can get one with the AC it would be better. we have had the windows and sun/moon roofs tinted and it is a godsend. on the subject of LPG get the sequential system if you are going ahead. they are expensive but if you are going to keep the vehicle longer than 18 months it pays for itself. we get LPG in Cardiff at 28p a litre which gives the eqivalent of 50MPG compared to petrol at 76.9. this is usually with the car quite loaded and not light footed either. in closing the only problem with a previa is that once you have driven one over any sort of distance, you will never find any other car as comfotable!!!!!

happy motoring

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Having bought a '92 uk previa with non-functioning air-con last March, I paid £70.00 last July to have it re-gassed and checked, and it's worth every penny.

With all that glass, even if it is tinted, there is loads of heat build up even on mild non-sunny days.

We went on a 1500mile trip to France last summer and couldn't have managed without it, as it was 35 degrees outside!

On the subject of LPG conversion, the only thing is you can't go on eurotunnel with it fitted, so if you go over to mainland Europe a lot it's not really a goer.

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Hi guys..I got a 1990 estima X spec and paid £950 it cost me £85 to have the air con sorted..And when it cools the air down to 2c..Its well worth havin a/c..I had a espace In mid summer stuck in traffic with kids and no a/c..NEVER AGAIN!!!



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Air con is also great for damp cold winter days.

This winter the windows only steamed up once. This was the day before I switched the air con on and left it on permanently.

It dries the air so you don't get misty windows and damp interiors in winter and cools you in summer. Excellent, especially if you vehicle has loads of glass. Also leaving it on it keeps the seals lubricated, so in theory the system will be less prone to leakage

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One thing not mentioned is where the engine is on the previa's right under your bum basically, so when you do stop and get back in on a summers day not only do you have a greenhouse you have an underfloor heated one. Get air-con ;)

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I bought a 1999 previa brand new and I remember the aircon was a £2500 optional extra so I didn't get it. What a mistake this is a big car with poor air circulation and windows that dont open enough to throw out an Apple core. Probably the biggest mistake I ever made, not getting aircon that is. Otherwise the car is sound only ever changes the tyres and breaks.

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I had a brand new Suzuki vitara once, 5 door one and that I bought without aircon cos it was about £1500 extra at the time and i regretted that big time, even though the windows go down and everything, it still is a green house

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ED :ffs:

Toyota use to be able to supply air con kits so it could be fitted after factory they are as good as a factory system and are easy to fit (2-3hours) have not seen them a round for a while but check with your local dealer.

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there are a few people on this forum who have successfully retro-fitted aircon systems obtained from breakers yards. If it was an option on the car when new then all of the mounting points etc should already be there.

Anyone handy with a spanner should be able to do it. The hard part is plumbing it all together without leaks.....

What I'd suggest is obtain and fit all of the main component parts, then take it to an aircon specialist to get the connecting pipes fitted and the system gassed. It'll save you a small fortune in labour costs if you can fit the bulk of it yourself.

Just a thought


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