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Thick Black Smoke


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using 20 valve engine (afm) and when rpm from 5500 above, thick black smoke come out from the exhaust. Changed O2 sensor, fuel regulator, afm, engine tuning ,even ecu changed , still the same problem occur. Please help me to solve this problem . Thanks

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you could have a blown piston ring, which will let oli into the cylinder which will burn and make black smoke.

thank you sir !

but my engine Oil level still same after 2 weeks ( daily driven around 180 km ) and smells not engine Oil burning ( maybe rich fuel ).

and i think that if piston ring blown , causing thick white smoke, is it ? :help:

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your fuel/air mix could be too rich and the car isn't getting enough air to burn the mix right so its throwing a load of carbon out the back, it happens to our old camry turbo diesel when the diesel would be turned up it would always send clouds of black smoke 'carbon' out the back so I'd say all it is , is carbon and nothing to really worry about

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