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Malfunction Indicator


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When I started the car today an indicator was lit (that looks like an engine) on the dashboard. The owners manual says that it is a "malfunction indicator" but does not specify what type of malfunction it is. All it says is refer to chapters 1 to 5.

Can anyone give me a clue about where to start looking for the problem? I have an Avensis GLS Auto 1.8 and have done 91000 miles.

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It relates to the ECU picking up a fault from the engine. It will be in the form of a 2 digit code which will relate to a sensor or reading. You can either take it to toyota who will read it for you in seconds, or find out how to do it yourself (normally by shorting the diagnostic block in the engine, although dont quote me on that as im not sure about doing this on the avensis).

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Was speaking to Toyota mechanic today re the diagnostic socket on an Avensis. It is markedly different to the carina in that it is now behind the fuses by the steering wheel and is a very small white type connector. The pins are so close together it is practically impossible to short them and there aren't any pin numbers too show connections.

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