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1988 Camry Le Electrical Prob


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Okay guys/girls. Please help me out here I'm in serious need of fixing this problem.

I have a 1988 Camry LE , automatic with 237,000 miles or so on it. It runs great and everything but we have one serious problem. Every once in a while, it won't start. All you hear is clicking. Lights turn on, radio turns on, heat turns on, so the Battery is good. We have replaced the starter and cellanoid already. This is a very inconsistent problem. Fr instance, I just went outside and tried to start it, but last night when I wanted to go somewhere it wouldnt start. We have checked for shorts and have found one problem but it still has not fixed it. we are stumped.

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do camrys have fusable links ?

i had a old dodge truck that had one of these things (it was a small wire leading from the battery). it had a loose conncection at the Battery post and would not start sometimes .. it took forever to figure out this little wire was the problem.

just an idea.

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Agree with above. But also consider the starter solenoid in the engine compartment fuse box.[From key-reduces amperage through key switch.]

Check the battery: charge fully with charger. Turn lights on for 30 seconds. Turn off lights [to get rid of over charge]. The voltage should be 12.6. If lower, may have a weak cell or connector in Battery allowing lights but heavy load of Battery.

Brighten Battery and ground contacts. :thumbsup:

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