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Rear Brake Discs On Avensis


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Hi Guys

I had my Avensis (2004 T3X 1.8 petrol) in for a service today - and it came back with rear brake discs worn to (9.11mm) and 80% worn brake pads. The costs to replace them = £300 including the pads. Am I being ripped off? How dangerous is driving with worn rear brake discs ( I undestand the danger with front ones) - and how long, if ever, can i drive with that width (9.11mm)brake disc?

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Although your posting this in the completely wrong forum; but by common knowledge


No rear brake pads would be as bad as the front ones.... maybe not as bad health and saftey wise but more damaging to your car... its metal to metal; your car shouldnt have been returned to you if it was that bad....

For the pads go to a small garage for a quote they do a better job and its the same pads that you get :)

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No dont goto kwik fit. Im not going into it but lets just say my last car came out with 400 quids worth of damage for some simple tasks.

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Yes, that is a rip off price.

You can get discs for <£30 each, and a set of pads for under £20 for a full set. So add 1 hour's labour at about £45 at a small garage, and you have the full job done for less than half the price Toyota want to do it.

This is typical of Toyota main dealer pricing from what I've seen.

That reminds me, must buy that pollen filter from Parts-King (possibly the only exception to the rule I've found!)

I agree with what ^^ he ^^ said. Avoid Kwik Fit at all costs. I left their place some years ago with only one wheel nut on the wheel thanks to their incompetance.

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