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Suspension Upgrade Kits For T Sport


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Hi everyone.

Im looking to upgrade my yaris T sport with better suspension kits but they all muddled around. I wanted to replace all springs and shocks as corrosion set in bad.

Can anyone help. I want it for street use.

Thanks for your anwsers.

Phase 1. :thumbsup:


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You'll find most of them say they are for off road use, but people put them on their cars anyway.

Most on here go for the tein basic coilovers, they are height ajustable, I find them pretty good, but most say they are no better than just the tein lowering springs.

Others go for the tein springs and koni shocks, the koni shocks are a lot stiffer, I wouldn't even like to try them as I find the tein coilovers can be bad going over rough roads.

Then you also have TRD, Cusco, there was an apex kit on eBay going cheap the other day, have a look at that and grab yourself a bargain.

Also theres I think it's D2, they come well recommended but not many have them.

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Anyone with Koni Yellows?

I'm looking into getting a set for my TS but would like some reviews :help:

(I would only get the shocks, Stock springs for now)

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don't know how people can say that tein basics aren't much better than tein springs, I have the coilovers in my own car and my mum has just the tein springs and altho they do the job for her, they are much much softer than the coilovers and it doesn't handle anywhere near as well as my car. Would definitely recommend the tein basic coilovers. Not sure on the apex fo the yaris but my dad had an apex shock/spring kit in his old golf and BOTH the front springs snapped. Steer clear from Pi as well :)

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im a toyota technician in shelbourne, drive a p1 ts put the tein basic kit in, it is impressive not as harsh a ride as koni shocks, which is good, as a bit of comfort helps. they are alot firmer than springs and you dont worry about firing her into a corner. although would advise you to buy a strut brace as well to help responsiveness and stop twist.

if you just want springs my preference is pi for lowering and being firm, they are all i fit and hav had them in 3 motors of my own.

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I had a Koni suspension kit on my 1.3 few years ago and made it sit a little better and the ride was a bit more stiff but nothing compared to the Tein coily kit I had after, was so much better!

It was a bit odd as well as the front springs sat the right height 35mm lower and the rears just 30mm.

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