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Corolla How To's, Parts List & Useful Information

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PM Parts-King for prices and ordering. :thumbsup:

Engine/Exhaust Parts

MAF Plug 90960-11317 (Referred to as a Condensor by Toyota)

MAF Plug Additional Wire 82998-12440

TTE Backbox Silencer Twin Exhaust - PZ439-E91714-00

VVTL-I Lift Bolt Screws/Flange - 90105-06293

Temp Sensor (coolant)- 89422-20010

Air Flow sensor-22204-22010

Aux Idler- 13570-22010

Cam cover gasket 11213-88600

Exterior Parts

TTE Front Lip Spoiler - PZ439-E9441-AB

TTE Mesh Front Grill - PZ439-E9490-AB

TTE Rear Spoiler - PZ438-E9472-AB

TTE Rear Skirt - PZ439-E9460-AB

TTE Lowering Springs - PZ439-E0720-00

TTE sideskirts (full length facelift) - T76901-02904

parts needed to fit:

Blanking plate Right - T76915-02020

Blanking Plate Left - T76916-02020

N/STK Retainer - T76924-52021

N/STK Protector Plate - T76925-12080-B2

Grommits - T90189-06006

N/STK Screws - T90159-60602

Protector Mudgaurd - T76925-12080-B2

Mini Sideskirts GBNGA-PO065

TTE Suspension Kit (springs/shocks) - TD380-27002-00

Facelift Rear Bumper - PZ439-E9442-03

Facelift Rear Spoiler Skirt Air Diffusers

Right Side - T76087-02901

Left Side - T76088-02901

Parts needed to fit:

N/STK Protector Rear Spoiler - T76881-12060-C0

TTE Strut Brace -

LHD - TD460-26063-00

RHD - TD460-19917-00

T-sport Strut Brace -


Right Side Bracket - 48607-12040

Left side Bracket - 48608-12040

Strut Brace - 48690-12020


Right side Bracket - 48607-12030

Left side Bracket - 48608-12030

Strut Brace - 48690-12010

Nuts to fasten bar to brackets - 90179-14065

Rear Strut Brace - 48690-12030

Bolts - 90179-09162

Plastic clips for wheel arch and such like-90467-10183

TTE Gel Stickers (small 8x28mm [For spoiler and sideskirts] ) - PZ439-10430-02

TTE Gel Stickers (large 15.5x50mm) - PZ439-10671-4P



TTE Quickshift Kit - AM260-62000

TTE Sports Interior Kit (steering wheel, gearshift, handbrake) - TD320-27894-00

T-Sport car mats - PZ410-E935F-BA

TTE Alloy Pedals Kit (inc. footrest) -

RHD - PZ415-E9741-00

LHD - PZ415-E9740-00

Alloy Wheels

Original T-sport alloys - 42611-02440

Compressor alloys - 42611-YW501

TTE 9-spoke Chicane

15" - TD320-27950-00

17" - TD320-27999-00

18" - TD320-27995-00

TTE 9-spoke Grand Prix

15" - TD320-27947-00

17" - TD320-27998-00

TTE 9-Spoke Grand Stand

15" - TD320-27737-00

16" - TD320-27893-00

17" - TD320-27894-00

Compressor Parts and Repair PDF guide for LHD & RHD

Toyota TechDocs (PDF's)

Any errors or additions please give me a PM

If you want to know prices etc please PM Parts King

If you need help please start a new thread

Just makes it easier reading if this is only used as a Part No thread :thumbsup:

Norfolk n Chance

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