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Insurance Woes


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As some of you may know i'm in the market for a gen5 celica in the coming weeks.. :D

unfortunately, being a 2.0 GTi engine... you can imagine that i'm having slight amounts of trouble getting insured. :unsure:

i'll just list some of my details to help you make an educated guess to my question;

19 years old

driving license held for over a year

license is squeaky clean

no convictions

car kept on drive

cat1 alarm + immobiliser

into 2nd year of accident free driving as named driver

As a realist I know that my first insurance policy is not going to be cheap, whatever car it is... and in order to insure a 2.0gti coupe as a 19 year old with 0ncb is going to be hard. :yes:

So the solution i came up with was to go 3rd party fire and theft... or maybe just even 3rd party! :thumbsup:

I came to this conclusion because the car i'm buying will cost £1500-2200 .. and fully comp is going to be £3000-4000+, which is just silly. :(

as the car will only be worth £1500-£2000 i'm willing to take the risk of driving with 3rd party for a year in order to build up NCB, then insure it fully comp next year... or buy something else instead. :thumbsup: B)

So, off I go to confused.com thinking that it will only cost me £1000 maximum to insure a £1500 car 3rd party with a £200 excess.

The results from confused came through at £3382.78 as the cheapest quote .... :angry: :ffs:

As you can probably imagine i'm a little dissapointed/disheartened by this as I really have my sights set on a gen5 celica.. :help:

My next step will be to phone around the insurers and try to get a sensible quote that way

Sorry to blabber on for so long... finally my question; is there anyone here who can give me an indication to a sensible 3rd party insurance guess for my situation?

Many thanks,

Sam :(

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Hi sam

Who ever you get you car insured with you are looking at least £1000- £2000 3rd party i would have thought mate. That just crazy how they price things up now a day's. How much are you prepared to pay sam??


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I'm guessing (from the opinion of people you kinda generate in your head??) that you will have tried every company on the net etc and done your homework!, next I would try visiting a broker, its there business to find you a good quote and sell you the product, therefore they do the legwork and you can always walk away with the facts but without a purchase.

Another little thing to know is, that adding a mature driver such as your mum or dad, as an additional named driver onto YOUR policy will often bring the quote down (saving me £100 as we speak).

Or at the end of the day, sod the fact your wanting to start building your own NCB and get your parents as the main driver and you as a named driver on that policy, assuming this option is available to you.

Good look sam, and happy hunting!

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how much do i want to pay? as little as possible! hehe :P i'd be prepared to pay up to 1200 quid, and that's steep considering that i'm risking the loss of my car, and no come back if it gets pinched. :angry:


i find that online quotes are usually ridiculously innacurate for some reason... I haven't put a huge deal of effort into finding a good price for insurance yet as i'm not exactly sure when i'll have the money...

however the add your mum/dad trick was in my mind m8 hehe...

I just think, that for a car that's worth not very much, it's ridiculous to spend almost the same again on insurance without getting it fully covered!!! :blink: so as you mentioned I may well go down the route of insuring it in my dads name and adding me as a named driver...

one question though, surely the insurance companies aren't that daft? I mean, what's the technicalities of it all if it should come to the insurance company paying out.... they would have to prove I am the main driver I suppose? which would be quite hard... correct?

I just don't want to get stuck without a paddle up insurance creek as it were.... :help::eek:

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They probably wont give you the option of3rd party or 3rd party F&T. I spent a whole day phoning insurers and half of them laughed me off the phone. I tried the old only TP or TPFT line as I was gettin a bit desperate and they consistently told me I can get that it has to be comprehensive.

The reason is since your in a high risk bracket..even if you have the basic 3rd party..your more likely (in thier eyes) to hit some car or pedestrian etc etc..they still have to cover them and therefore itll still cost them. Its thier way of saying..we dont want to insure you.

Try tesco tho they are mad enough to insure any1 and dont try confused.com its a piece of s :censor: t.

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insurance companys just suck. :lol::lol:

I had the same problems last week mate I had loads of people just hang up on me coz im not 25 im friggin 23 :crybaby::lol::lol: I would like to hunt down each one of them and beat the :censor: out of them :lol::lol:

good luck with getting a good quote mate I hate insurance companys with a passion now.....

Try adrian flux im with them again this year but there the only people who would cover me at a good price and fully comp!!!!!

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i think you might be aiming your sights a little too high bud with a 2.l celica.they just wont want to know you :(

the'll just think, 19yr old male + fast car = accidents.

i know it's unfair e.t.c but 90% of the time they are right.bide your time for now get a turbo starlet or something else upto a 1.6,wait a few years build up a full ncb,and when your 23-25 get a big engined car then,it's worth it in the long run. :thumbsup:

oh yeah and try to avoid these under your parents policys,it'll only come back to haunt you when your older..........

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I'd have to agree with this. Working in insurance, I can tell you young driver + fast car = high premium. Unfotunately it is just this combination that turns our underwriters white!

Get something with a smaller engine for now, enjoy it, build up no claims etc. then get a Celica.

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i'd agree totally, like you said at the start of your post its only gonna be a cheap car that you'll keep for a year, so why get one that will be expensive to insure!?

i know its well **** (i had a 2 drive a renault 5 for a yr or more!!!) but get a small engined car and get a few ncb then get the car you want! Its worth the wait cos then you'll be able to afford a nicer car cos the insurance is not so steep!

But at the end of the day if your willing to pay the insurance then go for it!

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Here is my story, when I was 17 I looked forward to the day I was 21 because my insurance costs would level off or even fall, according to history, I rode bikes so I knew it was always going to be dear, when I reached 21 I found despite my faultless history my insurance was still rising, :crybaby: I now on the high side of 30 and my insurance has never actually gone down, not gone up that much, but in real terms has never gone down. :angry:

It has been said that the folks driving without insurance are the ones increasing our premiums why don't we display an insurance ticket like they are obliged to do in France?? One step further be like Germany if you car isn't taxed you have to surrender your number plate??

If every car had to display and MOT and insurance ticket maybe out insurance costs might just start to fall slightly, until the shareholders get greedy again

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Yarisboy, Have you tried quote me happy its the web site for Norwich union.

i was going to go with them this year for the insurance on my 5th gen. it would have been £650 but i totaled it before christmas.

I am now looking at buying another one or getting something cheeper. the insurance quote i just ran for me on another 5th gen came out at $1146.98 fully comp.

Thats for me only.

age 22

cat one alarm and imob.

0 NCB (just lost 4 years! :censor: )

with one clame in the last 4 years.

clean licence though.

excess of £200

dont know if thats any help to you or not, i just wanted to let you know.



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Everyone raves about www.confused.com ..

I just got this ..

We’re really sorry but we are unable to find anyone willing to quote

online for the details you gave us.

That doesn’t mean to say you can’t get a

quote but we’d recommend you try the phone too, especially with an import

or modifications.

That should say import AND modifications ..

Anyone would think I drive a heavily modded car :crybaby:

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guys cheers for the responses, again :)

I have tried confused.com - load of rubbish. :(

the quote me happy site I have tried but unfortunately they were unable to provide me an online quote :( i think perhaps it's to do with being under 21?

I have looked into getting a cheaper insurance group car as well, the 306 Dturbo for example is group 5, but this still comes to £1500 Third party insurance... the most suprising quote i've had is from tesco's who want only £1800 for the celica gen5 third party :o

It's still expensive considering it will overtake the value of the car just about... but with insurance you've got to take the plunge somewhere... whether it be this year, next year, 5 years....

I've had enough of driving a 1.0 car for the last 2 years... it's really taught me all I think I can bare to learn, getting another 1.nothing much would be horrible i'm afraid :(

But thankyou guys, your opinions are always very helpful to me... dunno where i'd be without you lot :)

the only way i'll know for sure is to test drive a few cars.. the celica, the starlet.. the 106 rallye, and any other small revvy cars that are fun :)

that way i'll know for sure if i want to blow nearly 2 grand insuring a celica 3rd party... (i'm about 98% sure I do at the moment :D)

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Just a slight sidestep..

My insurance is up for renewal. I got quotes from the same company as a 29 year old and 30 year old and the price difference was only £12.

So when you expect a big drop at 25 and 30, be prepared as it doesn't happen. (what happened to oap discount?)

As said earlier, try and wait until the prices for you get better, most of us have been there. Its worth the wait.

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It's definately worth the wait. I'm 25 with 1 years no claims. My next premium works out at around £600 - £700 fully comp for a tubby. With full NCB i'd be looking at £350 or less.

It is also highly dependent on where you live and what your occupation is. Working as a business analyst makes me a pretty boring person (in theory of course :) ) and living in Bath makes the premium pretty low.

BTW have you tried Adrian Flux, they're supposed to be young driver friendly (I think....)

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good luck yarisboy. the main thing u gotta remember about insurance companies is that they are like government.

they collect lots of money from you, they give u no support once they have the money and they will most probably lie to you!

most people would prefer a different system but no-one can think what system would be better!

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