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Cuts Off When Cold After Driving Uphill


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My 53 reg 1.8 petrol Ave runs horribly when cold, it often cuts off. That happens almost every time after driving uphill BEFORE the engine has warmed up.

After I get to the top of the hill (during which I sometimes have to drastically shift down to keep the car going as it gradually loses power), and then, after I engage the clutch, as the revs come down, the engine will cut off at the top of the hill.

The problem disappears once the engine has warmed up, and I would not have to shift on the same hill at all. Strangly, the problem practically does not exist on a flat terrain: only when cold AND after driving uphill.

Also, when it's cold outside (close to 0 degress) the car starts with a roar.

I sometimes sense a small vibration on the throttle pedal around 2,000 rpm in the 2nd and 3rd gear.

The car has FSH - the recent service has been done 8,500 miles ago.

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C'mon, does anyone have a clue?

There are so many registered mechanics visiting this forum. I would appreciate your thoughts.



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Anyone? :help:

OK, I'll stick my neck out! Temperature sensor.

If it was a car with a manual choke (remember them?) I would say that the choke wasn't doing its job properly. When the engine's cold, the temp sensor (when it's working properly) tells the ECU to lengthen the injector opening time to allow extra fuel in, and shortens the injector opening time as the engine warms.

If the temp sensor is either u/s or has a poor connection, you won't get the lengthened injector opening time so the engine will run like a bag of nails when cold.

If it has failed, the ECU could have gone to a 'limp-home' mode, where it thinks the engine temp is - say - 80 degrees and fuels accordingly.

That's my tuppence worth. Anyone got any better ideas...?<g>

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Thanks, RussellF97, your thoughts are much appreciated.

Would the temp sensor fault be indicated by anything else? The temp gauge seems to be operating as expected.

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