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Auto Tuner Show And Rallying!


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Though i'd post a couple of pics of my adventure at Brands Hatch on Sunday!

Ive always wanted to try rally driving and did so on sunday at the auto tuner show.

It was alot of fun until i snapped the stub axle on the car on my last lap!!

However, my times were good so im happy!!

Firstly, because some of you have been asking, i'll post a pic of my car. Its the most recent one i could find!


Now on to the fun part...


i think this was more 'Drift' style than rally... But it was fun!!



This was just before i set off.




On my last lap, i was doing a handbrake turn round a sharp bend at the far end of the track when the car jolted hard and i had to stop.

Thinking that we had a puncture, we continued along onto a grass verge. when we got out of the car we realised that there were only 3 wheels left!!! the stump axle has severed clean in half and the wheel was across the other side of the track!!!

that wouldnt have happened on a jap car!!! Blooming french motoring!!

Here is whats left of the wheel...


and here is whats left of the car...


They gave me what was left of the brake disc as a souveneir and i walked about proudly holding it for the duration of the day!!!


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looks like a great day, shows that you were really trying as well breaking the car.

and thats one less french car off the roads :lol:

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Excellent - looks like you had a fun time :thumbsup: and got to take something home at the end of the day :lol:

I did the rally master there a couple of months ago & loved it and what made it even better was that I beat my other half over the two tracks by a full 9 secs :yahoo:

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Nice one jade :thumbsup:

Kill all the French cars!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

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Aww cheers guys!!!

I am very proud of myself!!

I asked the guy what time he can get round the track and he said he can do it in 47 seconds. I then asked him what time i did he said 52-53 seconds!!!!

I thought that was amazing for me!!!

Me so proud!!!!


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