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was wondering if anyone knows of a body shop or someone who can paint my car. preferably someone cheap!!!

Im in the East London / Essex area.

Ive got a mate at toyota who's gonna get me the paint but Mr T wants to charge me £1400 and i think thats abit on the expensive side.

Suggestions apreciated and help greatly appreciated.




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If that's for a full respray then I personally think that's fairly cheap.

But saying that I had my Celica re-sprayed for about £800 it wasn't a fab job but it wasn't that bad either.

I think when it comes to spraying cars , you get what you pay for.

You want a good job, you pay top whack, if you want an ok job you pay alot less.

And imo I think £1,400 from MR T if quite reasonable.

The quotes I have had for a full re-spray on my MR2 ranged from £500 - £2000 ;)

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