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What Do Tidy Mk3 N/a Manuals Go For?


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Before anyone says anything I am not gonna stray from my MR2 but there is a very nice Mk3 Supra manual n/a for sale in a garage near me and it has been there for months. It started at £1400 and has recently dropped to £1200 with the previous owner having it for 9 years. Its totally standard in silver with cloth interior.

Bet he would take a drop for a sale.

Looks lush tho!

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If it's in good condition then that sounds like a fair price to me, though I've seen them go for less. It's a lot of car for the money, but fuel prices have driven down the value of these things so it's very much a buyer's market.

There are quite a few things to watch out for on a MkIII such as rust over the rear arches and heads that are torqued to original standard values.

If it's not in good condition then I'd leave it well alone.

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I sold a good '88 manual N/A for £800, It was white, no obvious Rot.

I sold a good '88 Twin turbo manual for £3750 lol

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What mileage is on it? They're very rare in silver so if the miles were below average i'd snap it up, price seems pretty right.... I bought an E reg one a few weeks ago, black, non turbo, all standard, cloth interior, only 29k on the clock with every MOT and stamps in the book for every annual service since it was new.....all for the low low price of £1500.......... :D :D :D

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