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K Reg Corolla 1.3gli Value


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I had a manual, petrol, 5door Corolla 1.3GLi, K reg, with a genuine 40,000 miles on the clock stolen and crashed by the thieves, and subsequently written off by my insurance company, who are now offering me about £600 based on the guide book price for a car of this age.

I have so far been unable to pursuade them to increase this offer, as I have not been able to find any similarly low mileage models for sale, which is not surprising as it is very low mileage for the age. I have found similar cars with a low mileage, all around the £1000 mark, but as they are not EXACTLY the same, the insurance company is disregarding them. They are not even prepared to look at 1 that was the same model but automatic!

Can anyone please help me with a reasonable valuation for this car, as I feel it unfair that my car still had a LOT of miles in it, whereas the valuations they are using are obviously based on the average of a car on its last legs.

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Try Parkers or Glass's.

I would have advised trying to find similar models on auto trader but it sounds like you've done that with no luck.

I would post what i'd like to do with the little scroats that stole your car but this is a family site!!


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sorry to hear about your car - but unless you had a pre-agreed value with your insurers they will only give you what the book value is. i had a similar situation last year with my carina e i use for work - only got £800 of the insurers and it was worth more becuse of its milage and condition. the good news was i put it back on the road for £30!

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I'm afraid a car of that age does not have a book value. Your insurance are offering a value based on what a trader would expect to buy that car for, and to be honest, in value terms at that age, it matters little whether it has done 40K or 100K. £1000 is way over what that car is worth, not what you want to hear, but a trader would expect to buy one of those for 500 or 600 and sell it on for 1K, I think £600 is a fair price and I doubt your insurance company will budge

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Would have to agree with Kingo, your car is worth about 600 quid which is a fair offer as that is the trade value of the car, although it would retail for 800 - 1000 through the dealer.

How bad was the damage to the car?

Your best bet if the damage is not too much is to try and buy the vehicle of the insurance company after they have paid out. Then you can try and put the car back on the road at a much smaller cost than the insurance company can because they would use new genuine Toyota parts and other costs such courtesy car loans make the repair uneconomical.

But you could easily find parts at a scrap yard for your car and take it to a local garage that should be able to put it back on the road a lot cheaper than the insurance company, but all depends on how bad the damage was.

Hope the thieves get what they deserve somehow!

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