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Carina E Rain Water Leak....


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Hi everyone, im a newbie from northern ireland B) with a 1995 Toyota Carina E Solair 4 door saloon as my daily driver/workhorse!!

Now i love the car to bits and its really really great even at 120k miles but i have a niggling problem which id like to sort out....I noticed the car steaming up a lot inside lately so investigated and found a small damp patch in the driver side front footwell at the rear of my heel position :eek: ....now im not talking much water (yet) but id like to sort it sooner rather than later. Any ideas where it could be comming from? Ive searched the rest of the carpet and this is the only part which is wet, the passenger front and rears are both dry, as is the boot mat etc!!

Now my first thoughts were a leaky sunroof or drain hole but my sunroof has never opened since i bought the car as it wont open with the electric button (lifts about a half inch and then jams) and it seems tight enough when closes, however i have noticed always that when its raining or im driving in rain that there is a sound of gurggling/trickling water above my head, but the roof cloth is dry and i never ever noticed water before anywere in the car and ive had it for 8 months!!

Are there any common leak spots i should be looking at or does anyone know how to get at the sunroof drain pipes to see if they are blocked or something?

P.S I noticed a manual screw to open the sunroog, but does anyone know what tool fits this, its like a very small female torx but i tried these and its like a 8 sided torx?

Sorry for all the questions, its just i wanna get this sorted befre the car is soaking wet and full of damp!! :(

Look forward to advice and opinions from you people, thanks very much.

Kevin ;)

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Anyone?? Had a look today again and the front passenger side is soaking wet too below the carpet!! Checked the scuttle panel and bulkhead after heavy rain yesterday but im no wiser, and they seem totally dry inside the car. My sunroof wont open at all so cant get at the drain pipes on the roof, im baffled :(

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I had the same problem, turned out for me it was coming from the drivers side door.

It became clear what was going on when I removed the inner plastic door panel and instruments panel. Rain was going between the window and the door on the outside. Then, as the plastic covering was shot to bits, the rain was splashing everywhere inside the door and mostly coming out at the bottom where the plastic panel meets the door. Then this water was finding its way over the rubber seal (between door closing and car chassis) and filling the footwell with water from under the carpet.

Once I fitted some new plastic covering to the inside of the door (under the panel) the problem went away as the water was exiting the door from the holes its supposed to leave from !

Hope this makes sense but its quite hard to explain what was happening...

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