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Hi all!

Well I am currently considering selling my current (non Toyota) car.

I have taken a keen interest in the Sera since I first saw one a few years ago, but was happy with my car and didnt persue it any further. But right now I fancy a change, and basically I m after your help...

1) What things should I look out for when looking at Seras? Places that go rusty, things that go wrong, common problems to look for etc

2) What are the specs? I have found some but they often conflict...things like MPG, BHP, 0-60

3) What sort of prices I should be expecting to pay?

Also...are there any other cars anyone would recommend (Toyota wise of course! ;) ) I quite like the Paseo, but it isnt quite as awesome as the Sera-by the way, I am after something quirky, retro, rare, and sporty. I am not after super-performance as I think I would just end up killing myself! But something I can work on my self would be a bonus!

Looking forward to replies! All info welcome!

S3RA ;)

PS My budget is around £1500 :D

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Boro Sera is your man to ask on here!! ;)

Welcome to the club anyway!


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Okey Dokey I shall see what he says then! Thank you! And thanks for the welcome! ;)

The others I have seen (and any info again would be good) are the Paseo and I love the Mk1 MR2 as well!

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Mk1 MR2's are good projects are parts are really easy to get.

The other 2 cars are pretty rare.

Yeah I noticed the others were rare-although Paseos seem to be a lot cheaper than Seras...I believe also that there are a few mods you can do to the MR2s as well? I only like the Mk1 tho, I love that look! So parts are easy to come by? I have only ever seen one in a scrappy so wasnt sure-but not looking for something that needs to get on the road, Ideally I want something road ready...Sera still the first choice tho :P

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If you use a specific Toyota breakers or online breakers and eBay there are loads of party. There are no limits to what you can do to a car! Engine conversions etc..

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Hi and welcome

Paseo, Sera or Mk1 MR2? Tricky choice - they are all great cars IMO.

Don't know that much about the MR2s except that I'd love one ! Safe to say that there are a fair few out there and aftermarket/tuning parts are readily available though.

The Paseo and the Sera share quite a few components ( chassis wise - running gear etc ), but the aftermarket options are much harder to track down for the Paseo, and more so for the Sera. From memory the Seo is about 95BHP compared to the 110 of the Sera.

Fuel consumption depends on too many factors to mention, but a manual box ( rarer on the Sera but not impossible to find ) invariably uses less fuel than the Automatics.

If you're looking for a Sera then the main thing to check for is that the glass is good. Replacement glass is getting harder to find now, The bodywork is unique to the car, as is the interior - so make sure there are no surprises there either.

A lot of the parts are still available brand new from Toyota though.

The main mod that some Sera owners go for is to replace the engine with the 4E-FTE from a Starlet Turbo.

Again, not too familiar with the MR2 or the Seo as far as what specs were available, but the Sera originally came as a base model with a massive options list. Some of the options are more desirable than others and this is usually reflected in the asking price.

They only made 15,000 Seras and best guesses say that there are only a couple of thousand still on the roads worldwide - Mainly UK and Australasia. That's not to say that there aren't good ones for sale though.

Good luck


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So are prices fairly reasonable then? And also is it only stealerships that supply parts, or can you get them from, dare i say, Halfords? (Only cos I have trade card!! ;) )

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It really depends on the part.

A lot of the under workings are common with the Starlet/Paseo - both UK cars so anywhere should be able to supply them really. The bits that make it a Sera are hard to find outside of dealers.

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