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Gen Five 1st Time Celica Owner With Backlight Problem

Sam Lennox

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I am new to this and was wondering if anyone can help, I've just brought a Gen 5 GTR 4WS import and i think the back light has blown on the heater control panel, all the touch buttons light up when pressed but round the heat setting dial it's pitch black. If anyone could give me a quick step by step of how to fit a new bulb or help in any way it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for any help


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Can't give you step by step I'm afraid but I've changed a heater control before and recall it being a bit of a pain; I don't think changing the bulb will be much easier.

It's easy enough (though a little time consuming) to get to the panel, but the difficulty IIRC is that the control is screwed on the back of the panel and the cables don't offer much movement, so you have to release them from the heater and even then it's still very tight. You need a stubby Phillips screwdriver to get into the back of the control to release it from the panel before you can get anywhere, and there's not much room to get to the screws.

On mine the actual control was broken, not the bulb so I have some bits of spares incl. a few bulbs which may include the bulbs you need if they're any use to you.

But to be honest, for the work involved, I'd live without a light on the heater control.

Hopefully someone else who remembers the process better can give you step by step instructions if you decide to go ahead.

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Cheers T600,

Really appreciate the advice, from your experience it sounds like a job that is better left alone. i was hoping for a simple panel removal and alot of hand groveling up the back of the heater consol but this doesn't seem to be the case! LOL

Thanks again for taking the time to reply i will wait till the novelty of owning a celica has worn off before i start disasembeling it!

Regards, Sam

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