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St185 Engine In Bits, Not Looking Good, Need Help On A Decision


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Hi all, my car is an st185, 1990, and 130,000 km. I have gradually noticed declining power levels, to the point i could barely accelerate above 70 km/h. And once it popped a coolant hose and spewed coolant everywhere and there was lots of smoke from the tailpipe. With help from an experienced mechanic, the head has come off the block and been inspected. He told me that the bores have been re-honed and the pistons have been re-ringed etc, but there are some scuff marks in the lower part of the bore.

I have purchased a new gasket set along with a new steel head gasket. The car smoked when hot at idle, and gear changes and had little top end power. The turbo is absolutely rooted with too much shaft play and bung oil seals.

My friend told me that I could get a replacement block, get it bored out and get oversized pistons, or just put it back together.

He said that since it had been re-honed and re-ringed, he said that the bores are fine, and the scuffing would only become an issue after about 50,000 km. I need reliability, but I have very limited money and cant afford to get it bored and new pistons and rods, i probably couldn't find a replacement block.

I'm thinking if I just get it re-assembled, with new gaskets etc and a re-cond turbo, keep it for a while until I have earned enough money to buy a good condition faff or maybe a supra. If there is any other info that I have missed, just ask me.

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