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Some Brilliant News!

Demonic Angel

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Well, after much hard slog and a lot of coffee drinking, I'm pleased as punch to let you all know that I'm pregnant.......

As if! :lol: :lol:

But I am now a certified SharePoint Administrator (WSS 3.0) and Designer, thanks to some courses my company put me on!

Woohoo - I finally have some sort of IT qualification under my belt! :lol: :D I'm really chuffed! :D Ok so its nothing like being an MCSA in the grand scheme of things (I have no letters to stick after my name or anything) but SharePoint as a product is huge and there's so many opportunities out there for people who know how to build/design it.... now I know how to do both! ;)

It also means that I can get the new company intranet site built... but sadly due to other projects taking prority, that won't happen for a while but I have so many ideas! I'm gonna try and get them to let me build the new company website at the same time.... I'm taking on a hell of a lot but it'll be worth it in the long run! :)

Who's have thunk that that bored little Office Administrator 4 years ago would achieve something like this! Just goes to show - never give up on your dreams and be persistent, because it really does work! ;) :D

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Well done

I think its always more of an acheivement to pass exams as adults.

Congratulations - perhaps a masters next

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Yay! Well done! :D Is Sharepoint Services still a free product to Win2003 Server?

Yes but you can also buy Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 which has additional bits and bobs but fundamentally its the same as Windows SharePoint Services.

Thank you Ben.... you know what for! :)

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well done Em, speaking as someone that forced their way into IT with no qualifications 20 odd years ago I understand how hard what you have achieved is. You should be very proud of yourself.

ps if you want letters after your name try looking at the Intitution of analysts and programmers ( http://www.iap.org.uk ) if you get full membership you can have MIAP after your name as I have, I have other letters and crap after my name as well these days and all from 5 o'levels

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Congratulations Em :thumbsup:

Follow your dreams :)

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Can I just say Em that being pregnant at your age should not be a worrying thing :yes: . I'm sure that once Brad knows he is the father he will accept his responsibilities and dump that Jolly woman :thumbsup:

Just be assured that I will..................

What's that Anne?...........Scroll down?.........................................OH!......... :blushing:

:P :lol:x2008082348afadfbc741a812271219_121.gif

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