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Emergency Brake And Loss Of Abs + Bumper Cost


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I had to make an emergency brake as I slid into a gray hound around from around 25mph to 15mph (one of those roads with cars parked either side with only room for 1 car). I have practiced many emergency brakes but this is the first time the car just slid. Weird.

Anyway the bumber came off with a slight crack, but I put it into place and seems secure. I did not make the the owner who's kid let the gate open pay for the damage as I had other things on my mind at the time and it was an accident.

Anyone know the costs of a new front bumper at the cheapest price?

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I just changed mine, 4 days ago.

It was around 180GBP. Without installation and painting fee. Just the bumper...

I'm in Turkey though, so price may vary a little.

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Thats funny

I just replied to another thread on the cost of a new bumper! : http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=86187

Up to £520

Parts king delivers it to your door for £220 then between £100 and £300 for a paint job but i seriously recommend you go through your dealer to do this. If it comes back with a bad colour match 99% of the time your dealer will have the problem sorted. You may get issues if you go to a independent.

I had a respray of a panel on one of my older toyotas and it came back a slightly different shade of gray. They had it sorted no hassle. Apparently grays are hard to match.

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Just going off the auris 2007- bumper price. If you wanted exact prices i would need a chassis to confirm but epc has that part number for the 08 1.6m sr i am currently driving.

Local body shop will charge roughly £110.00+ for painting and fitment would be around £50-90 depending on where you take it i would imagine. As for spraying i would tend to agree, depending on the age of the car it may need blending. There are a lot of centres who have approved bodyshops who use Toyota paint to spray the dealer cars so the match is usually spot on. If you have a vehicle between 2-3 years old you might have some fade. Another thing to bear in mind is Supagaurd. If its been done on the rest of the car it might be worth buying a top up kit to do the sprayed pannels. Looking on the bright side i used to work for a manufacturer with a griffin and Toyota's dont oxidise at all when compared them !



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