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Rear Wheels Jammed On Aygo Black


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Anyone come across this one? Parked my Aygo on the drive mid-afternoon yesterday. Got up this morning to enjoy my bank holiday, got in the car, released the hand brake and the rear brakes are jammed on. Had my uncle over this afternoon as he knows a bit about cars and he can't figure it out. You can see the brake cables loosen when you release the handbrake but the wheels stay locked. We tried really revving it to see if it would release and the front wheels just spin and neither back wheel moves an inch! It's an 07 Aygo Black and just had its 10000 mile service just over a month ago. Will have to call Toyota tomorrow, I assume this will be covered under warranty. Why's it always happen on a bank holiday!! :(

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Rear drums have locked on. Could be caused by brake dust, or assuming the mechanism is similar to how they used to be the pads could be overly worn and they have jammed due to them being pulled on too much.

A couple of ideas.

1. Put the car in gear, and gently try to rock it forwards and back. Massive revs won't solve the problem (and might even make it worse) as you just need to break the seal on the brakes to the drums.

2. Get a length of wood and place it against the rear brake drums. Take a hammer and hit the end of the wood hard. If the car was older I would say hit the steel wheels or the drums directly but you don't want to mark a new car.

Even if you do get the wheels to free, get the car to Toyota asap to get it fixed and if you do have to drive it anywhere take it very easy.

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Stuck rear wheels after 1 day!

This used to happen on cars that were on the forecourt for to long but never after a day or less, how bizarre :huh:

Hitting the drums with a hammer was our way of sorting it out, as its your car though the wood + hammer seems a better plan :thumbsup:

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Happened to me once with one of my Yaris Versos. Just parked it on the drive as usual and then the next time I tried to use it the back wheels were locked on. I had washed it in between but whether that had anything to do with it I don't know. Eventually freed it by gently rocking it to and fro. Never happened again - all very odd.

Hope you get it sorted!

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Hi There.

On a car of this age, I would suspect it is caused

by putting your handbrake on when the drums or shoes were damp.

They then rust together.

Did you go through any deep water or a car wash ?

Had you parked somewhere where you might have caused condensation

in the drums? A wet field or similar.

I'm sure that its just one of those one-off situations and after the

pads come loose and you take the car for a run it will be business as usual.


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Had this happen to me the other week.

Car was parked at work from 7am till 3pm and managed to overcome the problem by revving a bit more (not excessive)

Took to toyota straight away and they said it was just a build up of brake dust and cleared it all out for me

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