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Right Hand Drive Headlights For 2003 Toyota Echo?


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I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me locate a set of right hand drive headlights for my 2003 Toyota Echo Sedan, I've just brought it over to the UK from Canada and I'm having a hard time trying to get it on the road as it won't pass an SVA without right hand drive headlights. I've been to quite a few mechanics and keep hitting dead ends, one thought that the headlights might be the same as a Toyota Yaris T-Sport, but I had a look and they aren't quite the same shape. Here's a picture of the same model of Toyota Echo as mine:


If anyone can give me an information as to where I might get my hands on some headlights it would be highly appreciated. I fear that since the model doesn't seem to be available in any right hand drive countries they might not exist at all. If so, I'm not sure what options I have. Saying that, after a bit of research I found that the Toyota Platz in Japan looks very similar, can anyone confirm that these would be the same headlights and if it would be possible to import them from Japan?

Thanks for your time

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The Toyota Echo Sedan was produced in Australia.

Maybe try the Aussie TOC website for help!


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You should be able to get the headlights from a toyota dealer in the UK, but they will have to order them from Japan. This version was sold in Japan as the Platz. HTH

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