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Thinking Of Installing A Sub In A Gen7 Celica


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Hi guys, could appreciate some advice here.

I have recently acquired a gen7 celica and have just put one of these in it:



Changing to this unit has really bought the stock Speakers to life and i feel it does sound decent enough. However, i would definitely like more bass, and cranking it too high will kill the Speakers. So im thinking of getting a subwoofer(s).

Now having been reading on here, i guess most people would say change the stock Speakers and get a sub, but i think that will cost too much and installation will be a problem too (and cost a lot). I really dont have the tools and time to do it all properly, especially making mdf enclosures and mounts for speakers, so im looking at getting a professional installation.

Now i really dont have much of a clue about what to get, and exactly what amp etc to get, and what all the different ohms (or impedance) readings mean.

The headunit has three pre-outs; in an ideal world i would use one for the sub and the others for the front and rear speakers, all with separate amps etc, but as i said changning the front components looks quite difficult and i dont have the tools :( So i think im just gonna stick with the stock speakers running off the headunit.

So what should i go for when getting an amp / subs / enclosures. I want nice deep bass ( i listen mainly to 90% hip-hop, RnB, but also like random songs from all other music genres). Im not sure if i want a custom made enclosure in the boot (how much would one cost?), it would be nice to leave as much room as possible in the boot, even to accomadate a few golf clubs! Do i go for two subs in the back or just one? i have no idea what would be a good amp so am open to suggestions!

Im interested to know what other gen7 celica owners have done, anybody got any pics they can share?

Also, anybody know a place that does good cheap install service (i live in NW london, wembley). I have had a look at caraudio innovations near luton, and love the work they have done but it all looks like it will be too pricey. Anybody been to autoaudio in acton (http://www.autoaudio.uk.com/) ?

oh yeh i forgot to mention, budget is prob around £300 max; the cheaper the better. My overall spend is approx £500 (£230 went on the headunit!)

Many thanks, sorry for the long post, i really am quite lost!

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Sounds like you will probly want to go with a single sub mate to save space, unless you can put one either side of the rear lights? Alternatively, you could (i think??) remove the spare wheel and mount a sub under their with some acoustic matting over a custom enclosure.

I do agree that the stock Speakers are good enough quality, however i dont think they are as robust as an aftermarket one. Will be looking into replacing at least my door Speakers in the future when i find a good guide, and some money. Shouldnt imagine it would be difficult at all.

On a side note, your headunit looks SWEET!!!

I've just bought a ripspeed dvb720, its ok, especially for the £120 i paid, but getting it to fit is proving a nightmare.

Anyway, goodluck and if i come across more info i will let you know :)


P.S. please keep us updated, always nice to see others mods!

Edit http://www.huetcaraudio.co.uk/Stores_Location.php they might do a custom build for your car...maybe worth a ring?

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Thanks for the advice mate, just not sure what to do!! think im going to have to up the budget tho! Anybody got any nice boot install pics? might give me a better idea...

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I have a four Channel Amp. powering a 10" Sub. in a sealed Box and uprated front components, there's no need to change the rears as they only supply a little infill. The only downside is the Amp. and Sub. do take up quite a lot of the Boot space. If you do your homework and shop around for the best prices, it shouldn't be expensive (certainly compared to your H/U).

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i got a quote of £65 per hour to get an install done, is that a lot or a good price? i could see install prices to be closer to 300 quid!

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Hi guys, just got a quote for about £600 to install Rockford fosgate gear; 5" punch and tweeters (i think the model number is P152s), amp - P400-4 4 channel amp, 12" subwoofer (PL2-112), cables and labour cost all inclusive. Are Rockford fosgate decent (they look it!)?. This is from a top class installer. Sounds like a good deal to me. What do you guys think? Does that look like a good setup/deal?

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