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Questions Regarding A Celica St202


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I have recently bought a second hand Toyota Celica ST202. I have a couple of questions, if someone could be so kind to answer them for me.

I have a red button to the right of the auto gear selector - any idea what it does? The writing is in Japanese and so is the manual! :o

Also, to the right of the gear selector is two switches, one marked PWR and the other MANU - any ideas. I have had a automatic car before but not with these switches. Again the manual is in Japanese! :unsure:

We have a rumbing noise in the back and have checked and have found rear anti roll bar bushes are worn. Is this a common fault?

Also any ideas on suppliers of parts, would be a great help.

Thank you in advance for your help!



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Not a clue about the buttons, but if you want parts, then I've recently found that TCB in Cornwall (and on the net) are spot on, and they're REALLY helpful too! Have a look in the 'knocking noise' thread for link to their website!


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a pair of new rear antiroll bar bushes at the dealers are about £10 - £12 .

replacing them will take up some of knocking but not all , as the anti roll bar itself will of worn away over the years , what i did and alot of others have done since i tried it , was to buy a bicycle inner tube and cut a strip off it the circumference of the anti roll bar , wrap it around and install new bushes , or try the old ones in before spending money , install brackets and noises should dissappear.

not again - lol

ok here we go - the red button lets you take out your keys or move the gear selector incase of a breakdown.

the other buttons do the following - manu and pwr both down = most fuel efficient pattern

manu up pwr down = most powerfull mode for hills and overtaking

manu down pwr up = locked into 2nd gear for snow/winter driving.also you can move the gear selector manually

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