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;) is it me or is the Yaris the most good looking car to have come out in a while ? If so why are there no mods for it, i just brought the new revs mag hoping to find some but No none in there have to say its the first time i brought the mag some good things in there i think as i am new to the mod thing but no Yaris WHY ? read this and tell me

http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/motors/cars/toyota...review/62673/if If there is only that wrong we should be telling the world right ???

PS Had a few jars sorry had to say it :D

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youll find its due to the Yaris not having the cult 'boy racer' status (cos its more classy!!!) therefore a manufacturer isnt going to choose to make products first off for the Yaris because of this. they would much rather choose somat like a saxo, corsa etc.

even tho you see plenty of yarii on here being modded thats cos were all concentrated here!

how many other modded yaris' do you see a day, opposed to novas, fiestas???

just be patient and itll pick up in a year or two and just try and look up bits and bobs all the time, stuff is slowly filtering into the market. as we know the best stuff comes from Japan but its very hard to get hold of and is very expensive :(

chin up an keep ya eyes open


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its not THE best lookin but for the cash its a great car! and is highly under estimated

yesterday one of ma mates was callin ma car slo but hadnt seen it go, so i followed him on a little drive and stuck 2 his bumper, he drives a 1.4 mk6 escort looked gud on 17's til the ally spoiler arrived :blink:

ps i drive a 1.0l

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:D thanx jaxx will try to keep my chin up i have yet to see a modded yaris in real life have only seen the pics so where are they i want to see more of them ;)

probably see mine one day!

it is a good looker with a few mods here and there they look 'ok' in std form

always need slammin on a decent set of rims!

mini!! ok then

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BMW did a fantastic job resurecting the mini, much better than VW did with the beetle.

It's a fantastic design and people who say otherwise are talking nonsense.

Gorgeous looks, well put together and I will put good money on the BMW mini standing the test of time.

They depreciate hardly at all, the looks are timeless and it's got all the makings of a future classic ALREADY.

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They (minis) are alright to drive, and I have to say that I was considering getting one when they first came out, but for the money you have to pay I wasn't impressed with it as a package. I think they're very common now anyway, and I don't think that they have much street presence any more. The cooper S would be fun to own, but I think I'd opt for a Civic Type R for the more room it offers for a similar price.

Yaris is a good looking car, but remember that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder (great words of wisdom from Pav here.... LOL) and I love my car to bits of course, as I'm sure owners of other great Japanese cars do too.


Pav :thumbsup:

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BMW mini's are notoriously unrelaible. just check out a few mini forum's and you'll see what I mean. They have sod all space in side...don't have the sliding back bench like the Yaris. They are heavier...harder ride....and all that chrome, just won't last.

but yes...they do hold their value...god knows why!!, and they do seem to be every where at the moment.


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:D just like all bmw's , every one and his wife has one :) . I wanted one when i was a boy but now (not cause i am on a toyota forum ) i would love to have a lexus is200 thats the car for me :thumbsup: or maybe a Celica T-sport :thumbsup:

not a MR2 girls car :eek:

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I agree.. for the Yaris is rather fine looking. I like to look out of my car and just smile. She looks so damn fine!!

For the insurance group and the performance.... it is one of the best in its class... group 7!!! compared to 14 for the other "boy racer" cars.

Value for money and performance - what more could you ask for.

YYY i know that the parts are rare and pricey, but what would you prefer.... paying that little xtr for exclusivity or paying cheap prices for clones!! so many fezza's, corsas, saxo'x

we are a rare bread and should be proud of this fact. we are in the know and have picked up a great car.

I dont want the image of the Yaris to end up being tarred by the boy racer brush.

Keep it like this, exclusive..... so we pay more for aftermarket parts... but our smiles are bigger :D

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I'm of exactly the same opinion Miss T - exclusivity is the word and I'd rather save up my pennies and have it rather than see clones of my car around every corner - i think that we have a great little car with bags of personality and heaps of further potential - WE RULE!!!!! LOL

Pav :D

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