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Definitive Speaker Information


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Hi All, have recently got myself a Yaris TS and need to get some definitive data regarding the door and dash Speakers

as I've searched the forums and found some conflicting comments. I would like to know the following for each:

What is the speaker size?

What is the maximum mounting depth?

What is the maximum that the Speakers can stick out at the front (to avoid contact with the speaker grilles/covers)?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Ollie,

If you search for the two threads I posted regarding dashboard and door speaker upgrades, you should find all the information you need in there regarding impedance, size, fixing centres and mounting depths. If you have any queries, drop me a PM or reply to this thread, I'm sure any answers would be useful to other members :)

Just to clarify a couple of points:

I don't think you'll have a problem with mounting depth of the dash Speakers, there's plenty of room under them. If in doubt, whip them out, and have a look. It's a 2 minute job, unlike the door Speakers ;)

As regards the door Speakers I don't think you can go much further out (towards the door panel) than the Autoleads adaptor. You also have to consider such things as cone excursion too - some speakers are capable of quite aggressive movements. If I push hard on the door panel I can make it touch the speaker cone on heavy bass tracks at high volume. As for mounting depth - if in doubt, go for 'shallow fit' speakers. I had originally bought 3-way units for the doors but opted for the 2-way shallow fits instead, even with them it's a tight fit. I ended up fitting the 3-ways on the parcel shelf. See the thread for details.

Hope this helps - Johnny

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Hi Johnny, thanks for the reply! I've dug up your door speaker How-To and will give it a go at some point...the easy dash speaker job is first up though! Any tips on good Speakers to go for? I notice you have gone for the JBLs, have you come across any others on your travels?


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Hi Ollie,

There are quite a few manufacturers who make decent sounding 4" Speakers in 2-way form, and any of these will greatly improve the sound quality over the standard fit ones. I'm a fan of JBL having used them for many years as studio monitors - I like the sound and don't find them as 'coloured' as some other brands. Best advice is to go along to your local Halfrauds or similar that have different ones on show, take a CD along that you know, and listen to to them all switching between them. Then go away for 10 minutes and come back and listen to them again starting with your first choice. Pick the ones you like and that fit your budget.

Hope this helps - Johnny :)

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