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Probably The Last Dropss....


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This was probably the last drops with Toyota I'm starting to get a bit tired of the service and of the car. 26 000 euros for a car with so many bugs is not something I would expect. I will probably check some dealers over the weekend to see what does my Auris worth.

Besides the squicky brakes problem which was solved in the back looks like they are solving it in the front now, and the known dashboard noises that they don't have any report in the system recently a new issued came actually 2 one is the clutch pedal which squicks like crazy sometimes (not all the time) and also a crick sound when I turn to the left. The clutch problem seemed to be solved with the 30 000 km maintenance but then it came back.

By that time I also reported a minor bug known only in the Portuguese Auris models. If you have the displays in portuguese instead of telling you to put diesel it tells you to put gasoline. Not a big issue to me specially because I have the menus in english but I reported it thinking it was a software issue only and that way I would get an updated ECU software. WRONG!! they will replace the odometer and worse then that I will see my kms reduced back to 0 km instead of the real 30 000 km he has. I told the guy not to change it and he said that the order was done and they had to do it and that it wasn't a big issue because in the computer it will say 30 000 ye 30 000 for him not for a normal user. For him it will always display 30000 km less then it should be I will today complain with Toyota Europe that is for sure.

I'm tired of this runs to the Toyota service this is probably the 6 or 7 time in only 30000 kms. I'm seriously considering saying good bye to Toyota. Big disappointment it has been....

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People have been saying that the Toyota Quality hasn't been that good recently. I'm not too keen on the Auris as a replacement for my Corolla until the quality improves.

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