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Corolla Tein Lowering Springs


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Have been looking at lowering the car with tein springs on fensport. The description reads as follows:

Tein S.Tech spring kit, front 146lb and lowers -50mm, rear 190lb and lowers -24mm


It says that it drops the car 50mm at the front and 24mm at the back is this correct. Also is it safe to fit these springs on standard shocks.

I have a facelift corolla t-sport. Is there any thing else required to fit these springs. Please let me know


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Not advisable to go lower than 30mm on Standard shocks or you'll be replacing them quite often!

If you want a good drop, get coilovers, sure they're expensive but worth the money in the long run.

I've got the Eibach springs from Fensport and it sits just nice on 18's. only a 15mm drop either way but eh!

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Right any ideas where the shock absorbers can be bought for those spring?

or is it better to just get the 400 odd pound coilovers

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