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Loss Of Power\over Reving Problem


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Hi people I got an intermittent problem with my 2003 MR2 ~40k Miles. It’s a little hard to explain but hope someone can shed some light.

Best way I can describe it is when trying to accelerate quickly the engine revs rise rapidly (~2k), while the car only gradually increases in speed. Instead of the instant power expected it over revs then the acceleration kicks in and the revs drop back down. It does not seem to do this from a standing start but more so when up to speed (>30). Its like what happens if you ride the clutch.

The problem comes and goes from journey to journey but is starting to get more consistent and I have noticed a ‘clutch like’ burning smell from the engine bay.

Thanks in advance,


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I did the same thing 3 months ago... you've most likely broken the clutch and I'm sorry to say the repair bill won't be too cheap either. I did mine by doing a quick start trying to get turned around and the gear hadn't engaged properly, from then on it did exactly what your describing.

Let us know what the garage say eh. ;)

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Hi Dave

You have answered the question yourself really :yes:

I'm afraid it sounds like you need a new clutch :(


Ok so new clutch as in this is a normal thing when a clutch is going or new clutch as in something extra has broken. Is this a MrT main dealer sort of thing or any decent garage can do for me?



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If a clutch has been used or abused over its lifetime it wears out like any other item.

The friction material is similar to that of brake pads/shoes and given the same sort of conditions will react the same, ie: slipping a clutch will cause the material to overheat and glaze, the same overheating will transmit to the spring on the pressure plate making it weaker, the worse case scenario would be that the material gets worn down to metal and scores the flywheel creating even more expense.

Clutch replacement is not a dealer only repair and can be carried out by plenty of COMPETENT workshops, get quotes from those who know our model and have done them in the past or find one that is recommended by friends or family.

Good luck :thumbsup:


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