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Chrome Door Handles


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I know there are several chrome interior kits available for the Aygo, but they've fallen short of chrome door levers, (which is all I really want)

Below are pictures of the door handles. Can anyone please confirm if they are interchangeable?

Corolla handle


Aygo handle



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Good find, they look the same.

The Corrolla version is maybe slightly longer.

The part numbers are the same an they are both cable operated. Have a look at these pictures





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Unfortunately the parts are not the same, although the pictures above show the part numbers looking the same. This is due to the way Toyota apply their parts numbers as follows, using this part number as an example 69205-0d060-b2

* First 5 digits 69205 = Drivers side front door release handle this applies to all models

* Second 5 0d060 = Car specific (this for an Aygo 3 dr)

* last two b2 = this is used when parts have a colour choice e.g. grey/beige/blue etc etc

This address has a parts catalogue on which you can input chassis numbers to show only the relevant parts to that chassis http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/

As for a Corolla handle fitting an Aygo by part numbers alone it would appear that it would NOT be possible as the part numbers do not match

69205-0D060-B2 - Drivers side front door handle RHD 3dr Aygo /grey

69205-02080-B0 - Drivers side front door handle RHD 5dr Corolla / DK Grey. There are 7 other choices just for these specs depending on colour & model grades.

It would appear the only way to tell if the two would be interchangeable is to physically try and fit one to the other

Hope this helps



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