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Light Question


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Hi all

Im looking for replacement headlamps for my 4.1 at the moment i have the basic single h4 unit, i was looking into twin lamp units from a 98 rav also the depo style from eBay does anyone else have any options. would newer ravs lights fit the 4.1

does anyone have / know where i could get head lamps (not just the bulb)

thanks :D

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Mrbilly - cos I hadn't seen you here for a wee while, I checked your posting profile and horror of horrors found an unreplied posting!!! In September.

I'm sorry.

For some reason I missed your post - I always try to respond to posts which haven't had a reply.

I have kept the original headlights on mine, altho I had 6 Cibies fitted for a while on number 1.

Number 2 is close to going back on the road and it has a cracked headlamp unit.....so yes, I'm interested in swapping the light for something more powerful without fitting Cibies!!

If I come across anything I'll let you know altho young Hoovie is the chap to talk to about 'pimping my ride' !!!

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I am liking the "young hoovie" tag :yes:

I think you can discount the idea of a later model RAV4.2 headlamps fitting the original RAV - very different in shape.

You said you discounted just the bulbs. If you are looking to have a more funky appearance on your RAV4, that is fair enough and why not indeed. If the reason is for better illumination, some of the new H4 bulbs on the market are REALLY good and bright.

maybe have a look at RAV4World as well? it is a US site, so any specific products will probably be for LHD, but may give you a few ideas?

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