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Spotted A Black Celica

Steve-O 2006

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Spotted a Black Celica in carlisle today on castleway going past the castle. ***** myself at first as I was jsut driving along and herd tttssshhhhh right next to me as you passed then I returned the favour and let you know I was also turbo equiped as I went passed you in the MR2

Im not too sure on Celica model names but it was a Turbo and had the vent in the middle of the bonnet with a little vent to the side of it, I think thats the GT4 WRC isnt it?.

Anyone from here or anyone know it? Black, Had a big TRD sticker going along the front window, White wheels with polished lip and what could have been a Nur spec exhaust?

Was very nice :thumleft:

Sorry I didnt wave, I have kind of stopped waving at cars in the lane next to me ever since I almost went into the back of a car infront of me that had slowed down to let someone out on a slip way :(

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