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My Ebc Grooved And Dimpled Brake Disks.......


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they got delivered today hoping to get them fitted tomoz, is it a big job could i do it myself on the front corners ?

anyways i thaught the disk was going to have more grooves in instead of just 3 but never mind.

the dimpled holes are roughly about 3/4 mm deep, not a lot will they actually make a difference ?

and also each disk weigh's 13pounds i make that roughly 5.9kg, not sure what the origional disks weigh.


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I thought they also came with more than 3 grooves but behind the wheels it will probably still look good.

Get them on the car! ...then take lots of pictures!


(added a direct link to the piccy...hope you dont mind)

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It is very easy to put them on. Just check out the workshop submissions for nrgizerbunny's excellent guide :)

A lot of people on here have used it (me included) to change their discs and/or pads.

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easy to do, just make sure you put them on the right way! here's the link http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=56738

also if you can, spray some wd40 into the brake assembly a good few hours before you intend to take it apart (perhaps over night).

the one on the right is the LHD brake disc, the one on the left is your RHD brake disc.

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Where did you buy them from and how much did they cost if you dont mind me asking?

Ya get red or greenstuff pads?

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