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What No Toyota's


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I,ve just come back from Birmingham to have a look around Autosport, Not a single Toyota jacker, hat, poster for sale, only thing I did see was loads of small models for sale.. ( which I have already ) to top it all off ((((( £3.80 for a sandwich )))) 2 sandwiches + 2 drinks + 2 doughnuts = S**t loads of cash :eek: -

Next time I will take my gas stove and a tin of bake beans.. :ffs:

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I went to the Car Show last year at the NEC. Not much then either, all the best stuff is at the meets like JAE and Japshow.

Bit quiet at the moment on the NEW jap motors, apart from the 350z nothing special has come out lately.

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Agree, food was a bit of a rip-off (teckin sarnies next year) It was an okay day out though.

That new toll-road round bimingham is a lot of fun though (never thought Road, Birmingham, and Fun would come in the same sentence!)

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