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Alarm Immobiliser


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Hi, i wonder if anyone out there can help, My son (aged 23) is currently trying to insure his car, having previously got a good quote from Tesco insurance; now having just bought the car they are asking for a certificate of proof for the immobiliser, now as this is factory fitted during build and just comes as part of the car spec, how can he supply proof, there is nothing in any of the bits and pieces that came with the car.

Thanks in advance for any help given.

PS the car is the 190 bhp version.

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As long as the Gen 7 is UK specification (Alarm and Immobiliser as standard), it qualifies for Thatcham Cat. 1. That is all they need to know :)

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You should phone the insurer and explain exactly that.. it is impossible to provide proof of a factory fitted alarm system and the insurer should know that!


Sky Insurance

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Does anybody Know if this also applies to a Gen 5 Celica as my insurance company are asking what type of immobiliser is in mine. It is the original factory fitted one, but I can't find anything to say what type it is? Please Help!! :D

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I have a gen6 GT Four and was talking to an alarm specialist about this the other day. a CAT1 needs to have a 3 stage imobiliser door/bonnet and boot sensors, and ultrasonics. He then told me that most factory fitted systems would be CAT2..

I need to get an aftermarket system as the fob does'nt work and Toyota said they cant order me a new 1 any more =(

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