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Removal Of Cat...legal?


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Hi, i've heard that on some models you can legally remove the cat and put a straight through pipe in its place...

Whats the score with this? I want to remove it if possible but am worried it will fail the mot - either for the fact it has no cat when it was built with one and also because im presuming the emmissions will be higher....

For info, it's a sept'92 import N/A



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Have ben reliably informed (by two peeps i know who are MOT inspectors) that i dont need one, think anything registered before 92 is ok, so J platers like mine are fine. Although made with cats, they were not a legal requirement untill someitme in 1992..OOOOOOOOOR, if it will pass an emmissions test without one, not likely but if it did you dont have to have one!:)

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