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What Dump Valve


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just put on a nomad racing one it works but is a bit on the quiet side,what do you lot recomend its a 1990 gt4

also how do you fit an in car boost controller to the same car

done it on my rs turbo but i have no idea how to on this car..


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i tried the bailey one and you could not here it?????

so tried the nomad and its not much better,i need to up my boost as well as its noly running 7psi at the mo so that will make a big difference when i get that sorted,

is it a big job or not?????

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would not suggest a BOV on an AFM'ed car ..

Read here .. thread

to be honest the effect is miniscule. If you put it on and definitely notice rich conditions and it is degrading performance then you can always route the dump pipe back to the intake. There are plenty of people running vent-to-atmosphere BOVs on the ST185...

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Oohhh my very first post...

Anyway, i agree with the other guy in saying that the blitz supersound bov's are good. look real styley as well.

Adding a boost controller on these cars is easy. Just disconnect the VSV, run a hose from your turbo to the controller, then one going from the controller to the wastgate actuator. Done and done :thumbsup:

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