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Hi all,

Im going to order a new Avensis Spirit Desiel with DVD sat Nav. One question I have is to do with the Hands Free Mobile kit (Toyota). Couple of questions:

- Voice activation, is this done via the Steering Column button?

- Does the number get displayed on the TFT Sat Nav screen when dialling?

- Looking to get a phone that integrates well with this system - any suggestions?



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Where abouts are you located ? I use a particualy good company in the Midlands, Burton/Lichfield way, although I think they are located in Derby.

What they dont know about Car kits and electrical car isntallations just isnt worth knowing :)

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I runan blue tooth mobile.. leave it in your case in the boot and usea headset. it doesn;t mater which car your in (for those of us that drive a few different cars)

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So put the phone in a dummy cradle (ie, just a phone holder which you can buy from carphone warehouse for a few quid) and then use the handsfree :)

I thought the fine print was if you had to touch the phone (or a button) to make or receive a call then it's illegal.

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Yep you could buy a dummy cradle. The only problem being that with most of them you cant access the data block at the bottom of the phone, and if you just pirch it in there it isent secure, ergo illegal :)

The legislation states that if you have to hold the phone in your hand to operate it, its illegal. Even if you have a little button on your headset it isnt mounted to the dash. Its how they got around 'why isnt playing with the radio illegal' argument from everyone i reckon.

And anyway, you can still be screwed for driving without due care if you decide to have a full blown argument on hands free and dont pay attention.

I spent the money and got a proper integrated car kit, and it was worth every penny, mutes the sterio, comes through all the Speakers has a nice center mounted mic and sounds really clear.


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