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Does anyone have any idea what a re-lined clutched will be like as i dont really want to pay for a new clutch.... So someone has suggested that i can get mine re-lined! :ffs: Is this a good idea? :help: Does anyone know how many hours labour it should take on average? Just so some garage doesnt knock me.......




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re-lining is just adding the grippy stuff back .. but a toyota clutch kit is about a ton ..

I think I paid £300 to get it done on my NA ..

The Turbo was more as I went Clutchmaters and Findanza ..

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:hokus-pokus: Cheers guyz... i will look into the price of a GT4 clutch and whether it defo fits... :eek: Yeah i think i will go for the new clutch as its not worth spening loads on a reline when it could only last a few months :censor:

Anyone any idea how hard the ***** is to fit!?! :(

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