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Demonic Angel

Make Your Items Sell Quicker!

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Going through this for sale forum, I've noticed that a lot of people use generic topic titles such as

"Car stuff for sale"

"Bits and bobs going cheap"

"Are you interested in...."

Which is no good for people looking for something specific.

Putting a detailed description of what you are selling in the topic title will greatly increase your odds of selling. For example, if you are selling car parts, describe what they are, what car they are for, what mark; I understand the topic title is limited but if someone is looking for a Yaris exhaust and your title contains "Mk1 Yaris Exhaust for Sale" they can find you easier and you can get that sale!!

Good luck sellers!

(PS Please remember that you must be an authorised trader or paid member to sell on Toyota Owners Club, if you attempt to sell without membership your post will be removed. Please contact a member of the moderation team for further details!!)

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